AI assistant for recruiting agencies that streamlines the process of understanding each candidate, client, and job opening by conducting interactions with each party autonomously while providing a great candidate experience.

Quali.fit delivers a complete white label recruiting solution. It’s designed to maximize company’s revenue and bring about greater brand visibility from day one. 

Every interaction with a company’s candidates impacts their brand and the outcome of the recruiting process. A positive candidate experience creates trust, fosters long-term relationships and turns your talent pool into a thriving, satisfied community.

While current recruiting solutions require costly, labor-intensive manual research efforts, Quali.fit streamlines the process of understanding candidates, clients, and job openings by conducting interactions with each party autonomously. Quali.fit automates 90% of the recruiter’s daily activities, harnessing the power of data to identify high quality matches, efficiently.

Quali.fit was founded in 2016.



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